Workers’ Compensation


Making sure no pain gets in the way of your work.

Chronic pain can be difficult to live with, but nearly impossible to work with. Trying to operate at the same level of efficiency as you usually do when carrying around any kind of pain can be incredibly difficult and uncomfortable. No matter what industry you might be in, working with pain is not easy.

At Dr. Siegel’s Pain Center of NJ, we ensure that injured workers can get back on their feet in perfect condition as soon as possible. We make treatment simple yet thorough, making sure that the next time you go to work will be just as pain-free as it once was. Contact us today to schedule your workers’ compensation treatment today.

Who We Treat

Construction | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Factory Workers | Auto Mechanic | Warehouse Worker | Office Workers |
Drivers | Law Enforcement | Emergency Services

Workers’ Compensation: Treating Workplace Injuries For Years

When you get injured at work, you might be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Dr. Siegel has helped hundreds of patients over the years with Workers’ Compensation. Our goal is to create the right, personalized treatment plan to help people get back on track. We understand the importance of maintaining your quality of life, especially after a serious injury.

Instead of you and your employer suffering with the loss of productivity, insurance costs, medical costs, and more, we want to help you reclaim your pain-free livelihood as soon as possible.

Giving the Right Treatment

The proper evaluation, every time. We study every case of employee injury with utmost care, analyzing their medical history, current condition, and cause of injury. With this information, we provide the exact medical attention they need and aim to ensure they receive the necessary rehabilitation and follow-up.

Common issues that we deal with when it comes to Workers’ Compensation include:

Back injuries
Pain management
Numbness of the legs and arms
Spine care
Neck and head injuries
Rehabilitation medicine
And more
Contact us today and we can help you become pain free.

Treating Your Health As If It Were Our Own