Pain Treatment for Failed Back and Spine Surgery


Approximately 600,000 Americans undergo back surgery every year.

That’s more than a half million people!

And while that statistic is jarring, what’s even more concerning is the failure rate for back and spine surgery. A 2011 study from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine determined that 74% (or almost 3/4s) of back surgeries fail.

In fact, the study, which drew on the records of 1,450 patients in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation database, found that only 26% of those who’d had surgery returned to work in the following two years. That’s in comparison to 67% who returned to work after the same period, who hadn’t undergone surgery. The most striking part of this study is that the patients under examination had the same diagnosis.

The UCCM study also discovered that back surgery patients saw an increase of over 40% in the use of painkillers, especially opiate-based ones. That’s an unfortunate statistic, as deaths attributable to opioids have doubled over the past decade.

What’s going on?

Dr. Trang Nguyen, the study’s lead physician, points out that spinal fusion surgery may be at the heart of the problem. This technique, which involves fusing one or more vertebrae together, has become 8 times more common in only the past 15 years, according to Spine Magazine.

But if you’ve been diagnosed with FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome), you have a pain relief resource in Pain Center of NJ and Dr. Ira Siegel, MD. Our mission is to relieve pain and restore quality of life, with 5 convenient locations here in the Garden State to serve our patients.

The answer to chronic back pain

At Pain Center of NJ, we understand that pain impacts everything you do. And when that pain endures following surgery, we create individualized plans of care, with the purpose of finding the right solution for you.

The right solution might be the application of a custom treatment plan, which includes different injections, administered directly to the area of pain to decrease inflammation. Everyone is different and everyone’s pain is different that is why we customize a treatment plan just for you.

At Pain Center of NJ, we’re committed to working with you to find the right answer to your pain and to get you back to living the life you loved before the pain slowed you down.

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