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Neck pain is a serious issue

Living with neck pain is an unnecessary burden many people bear, with more than half of people over 50 living with some form of neck pain and at least 10% of all adults having a stiff neck at any given time. If you're struggling with neck pain, Ira Siegel, MD, at Pain Center of NJ can help. Dr. Siegel offers expert, non-surgical solutions to neck pain at Pain Center of NJ’s six locations in West Orange, Bayonne, Union City, Ridgefield, Edison, and Union, New Jersey. Call the most convenient office or book an appointment online today.

Neck Pain Q & A

Neck Pain Q & A
What is neck pain?
Your neck is one of the most important structures in your body but is also one of the areas that's most susceptible to muscle pain. Neck pain can turn a regular day into one you can hardly get through.

It's easy to forget the role your neck plays in your daily life. Every over-the-shoulder look, every turn of the head, every time you slouch at your desk or throw your head back to laugh – all of these directly involve your neck, and that's why injuries to the neck are such a common problem.

Neck pain can affect anyone and be a result of both everyday and high-risk activities. From sleeping incorrectly to suffering an auto injury, you can damage your neck through a variety of means. It's not just acute injuries that can hurt your neck, either – tilting your head up to stare at a computer screen all day can gradually lead to long-term neck pain.

Dr. Siegel is an experienced pain-management physician who specializes in treating painful conditions of the neck. With his help, you can get back to enjoying the activities you love.

What conditions can cause neck pain?
Neck pain can be due to several spinal conditions, including:

Cervical herniated discs
Cervical sprain or whiplash
Cervical facet syndrome
Cervical spinal stenosis
Degenerative cervical disc disease
Cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerves in the spine)
As well as pain, it's not uncommon for neck problems to cause additional symptoms like tingling, burning, prickling, weakness, and numbness that spreads into your arms.

Should I seek medical attention for my neck pain?
It's always wise to get your neck pain checked out, but there are certain symptoms that warrant a visit to Dr. Siegel as soon as possible. These symptoms include:

Difficulty balancing
Worsening neck pain that never eases up
Weakness or numbness
Pain when moving your arms or legs
You should also contact Dr. Siegel if you suffer an industrial accident, auto accident, or a great fall.

What treatments can help with neck pain?
After gaining an understanding of your neck pain with a diagnostic examination, Dr. Siegel provides you with a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Your plan may include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, activity modification, and other non-invasive treatments. For more persistent cases, Dr. Siegel provides steroid injections into the epidural space and facet joints.

Dr. Siegel is ready to help you identify, understand, and recover from your neck pain. To schedule a consultation, call Pain Center of NJ today or book an appointment online.

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