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Lower back pain is a serious issue

Lower back pain can have a severe and lasting impact on your life. If you're struggling with lower back pain, Ira Siegel, MD, at Pain Center of NJ can help. Dr. Siegel provides you with a customized treatment and recovery plan for your lower back pain to ensure that the care you receive focuses on you and your needs. You can take advantage of his expertise at Pain Center of NJ’s six locations in West Orange, Bayonne, Union City, Ridgefield, Edison, and Union, New Jersey. Call the most convenient office or book an appointment online today.

Lower Back Pain Q & A

What causes lower back pain?
Lower back pain is a result of damage to one or more of the structures in your lumbar spine.

The spine consists of vertebrae, discs, muscles, and ligaments that form and support your spinal column. Running down the center of your spinal column is the spinal cord, from which nerves exit your spine to connect with the other parts of your body.

Damage to these structures may result from:

Work injuries
Exceeding your fitness levels
Awkward, twisting movements
A chronically poor posture
Repetitive strain
Incorrect lifting techniques
There are also structural and degenerative diseases that commonly cause lower back pain, including osteoarthritis, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease.

What are the risk factors for lower back pain?
Factors that may influence the development of lower back pain include:

How much physical labor you do
Family history or genetics
Being overweight or obese
Your fitness levels
Sleeping conditions
Poor mental health
Your age is one of the most significant factors, as the risk of degenerative conditions increases as you get older.

How is lower back pain treated?
Dr. Siegel has many years of experience in treating the causes of lower back pain. First, he assesses your condition to see what's causing your pain and the severity of the damage. Then he creates a personalized treatment program for you.

Initial treatment is likely to revolve around physical therapies that stretch and strengthen the soft tissues in your spine. Trigger point injections can also help with pain originating in the muscle tissues.

Immobilization is generally inadvisable for lower back pain. It doesn't help you heal and causes muscle weakness and connective tissue atrophy.

Do medications help with lower back pain?
You might require medication such as anti-inflammatories to ease pain and enable you to do your therapy. However, medicines aren't a long-term solution to lower back pain.

If your pain persists, Dr. Siegel can give you an epidural steroid injection, nerve block, transforaminal steroid injection, or facet joint injection, depending on the source of your pain.

Don't struggle with lower back pain when Dr. Siegel can provide effective relief without dependence on medication. Call Pain Center of NJ today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

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