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No one should have to run while in pain.

Injuries are always a reality when you are involved in sports or athletics, professionally or not. Whether it’s an everyday strain, a concussion, or a serious ACL tear, treating your injury the right way from the start is crucial towards helping your body get back to a place of perfect health.

If a sports injury leads to deformity, swelling of the area, or any kind of function loss, it is highly recommended that a physician is consulted as soon as possible. However, if you or your family member are still feeling the effects of an old sports injury that was never properly treated, your best option might still be to have it looked at by a professional.

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What Does a Sports Medicine Physician Do?

A sports medicine physician is primarily concerned with helping athletes and those with active lives maintain their health care, improve their performance, and work towards preventing the possibility of injury. Sports medicine physicians may be directly employed by sports teams, while others can be found in clinics or medical centers.

Should I See a Sports Medicine Doctor?

If you are looking for specialty care to help directly solve a sports-related illness or injury, a sports medicine doctor or physician might be your best choice. Many sports injuries stem from damage to the spine and require immediate attention to prevent further damage and get you back on your feet.

How Will My Doctor Treat My Sports Injury?

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a veteran athlete, Dr. Siegel at the Medical Center will work with you step by step to help you return to a place of peak sports performance. With an initial diagnosis followed by a personalized treatment plan, your recovery will be tailored specifically to fit you and your condition.

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